Tuesday, August 16, 2011


how did we fail, as a nation?  how did we go from sustainable living in single income households to households where both parents work now and the standard of living has remained the same.  how did we end up with mall strips in our suburbia with wallmarts and targets and other mega outlets filled with cheap, “made in china” junk?  how many blind eyes were turned when local mills, factories were being closed and jobs moved out of america, not just temporary but forever.  when did we convince ourselves that buying an american product made in china is the same thing as buying an american product actually made in america?

i’m sure globalization, drive for profits and evil corporation not paying nearly enough taxes on profits is the answer.  i don’t think so; this is not a fora for political discussion, but even if it was, i don’t believe it’s the problem. the problem is that we, as consumers, just stopped giving a shit.  there was no pride in having something american.  americans made ugly, gas guzzling, cheap, plastic laden cars.  if the cars sucked, then everything else much suck.  the consumer became averse to anything made in america.  the icons of american products that did survive became branded as those that cater to a redneck or the un-educated; after all, who in their right mind would buy anything american after looking all the choices available?

and be it, i’ll admit it, i believed it and still believe it to some extent. but why is it happening here and not in germany i thought one day?  how is that germany, a country partially of the size of the usa, is surviving? not only is it surviving, it’s striving.  the country that got raped in ww2, destroyed, robbed, humiliated, is now carrying the whole european union.  a country whose economy defines the euro standard itself and commands over 40% premium over the $.  

not being german myself, i can only presume that germans have a lot more pride in their country’s product that we as americas do.  german products are not cheap, they compete on the same global market that we do, yet they have a 40% disadvantage.  german labor i’m sure is not cheap either, and they have 8 week vacations and free healthcare and education -- but this is not a political blog.  so how the fuck do they do it? the only thing i can think of, is that they actually buy their own shit.  they make good shit that their own people want to buy more of, even if it’s more expensive.

with that though, i decided to create this blog, with an american take.  i’ll be the first to admit i have or desire very little of “made in the usa” product.  but they have to be there; this is not the oldest country but it’s one of the greatest.  there have to be things that we still make that compete if not surpass those that are available on global markets.  it’s my mission to find these products.

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  1. Cool blog Orest! You're even teaching me something... I had no idea the watermelon is a native melon! I will definitely be checking this out for shopping advice. You could have Toby Keith's new song, "Made in America" going as your background music:)


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