Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Leatherman is not just a brand name, it's actually the name of the creator -- Tim Leatherman. Mr. Leatherman has started his company over a quarter century ago in Portland, Oregon and it's as strong as ever. Te utility knife and tool combination is a favorite of everyone from a shop worker to an electrician to a surgeon golfing out at the country club on a Sunday morning; very few products are able to transcend the lines between consumer age and social status like the Leatherman. And now with the Skeletool line, the classic has been tastefully updated for the modern day - and as always, it's still proudly made here in the USA. Just don't try to bring it on an airplane with you.


  1. Sad:( That is exactly how I lost my leatherman juice... they wouldn't let me bring it on the plane so those mean security men just threw it away:`(

  2. It's probably for the best, you'd just end up hurting yourself with it anyways...


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