Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Danner Boots pt. 2

A few posts ago I did an overview of Danner boots.  Well, I actually went out and bought a pair.  A good friend of mine saw them in a local store and immediately bought a pair for himself and told him there was another pair in my size.  Two days later I was a proud owner of Danner Mountain Light IIs.  A detailed review will follow in some weeks when they're fully broken in and some nasty weather is here.  In the mean time, to get your "appetite" going, check out the attention to detail and the pride of the workers that sew these boots together.  (http://www.danner.com) 

1 comment:

  1. My Danner Mountain Light 2s are almost broken in, at first I hated them but I had tied them too tight. They were not comfortable until about 100 hours of wearing them (really thick leather). Now they are fitting like a magic. Also they come with a weird plastic insert, do not throw this out it works well. I may upgrade to some custom inserts due to my flat feet. These boots are getting complements from many people. They look great and function great as well.


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