Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Field Notes

Whether you're the next Lewis or Clark or just a hipster trying to write down your grocery shopping list, nothing does it in American style more than Field Notes notebooks. These are not the China made Moleskins, these are true workhorses that are all about business and simplicity, made in Oregon. My only question would be whether the paper is fountain pen friendly?



  1. I'm going to have to tell Eli about this moleskin business, those were his favorite.. but made in China.. He is going to have to change brands. Isn't all paper fountain pen friendly??

  2. No, not all papers are fountain pen friendly at all. The current trend in driving the cost out of a product is to use the thinnest and cheapest paper available, which leads to bleeding if you're using a fountain pen. The Moleskins are notorious for bleeding ink. For personal use I had to buy a "water colour sketchbook" from Moleskin, it's the only one that has paper think enough not to cause bleedthrough.


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