Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hero Bags

Although not the most glorious of products, the Hero Bags will give that Louis Vuitton a run for its money, assuming the old man Vuitton can even run, being French and all...

Hero Bags makes simple hemp bags for all sorts of occasions, from getting a tote for your wine bottle to a lunch bag to a grocery shopping bag.  All of the bags designed in San Francisco and sewn in the USA.  This is a great alternative to using multiple plastic bags while grocery shopping.  Not only do you look cool with these, not only do you support the good ol' USA, but you're actually being green by doing that.  (


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  2. I might agree with you that this Hero Bags will give that Louis Vuitton a run for its money. Th print is very simple yet fun. I love it. It's cute and pretty.

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  3. These here bags are very compelling. The simply prints will surely make the bags attractive among bag collectors. I would love to include these kinds of bag in my collection of travel bags for women.


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