Monday, September 26, 2011

Jacob Bromwell's Frontier Frying Pan Extended Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the very nice folks at Jacob Bromwell (Eric and Pam) and was offered an opportunity to review one of their products. I immediately got excited as this is an all American made product and is something that I would actually seek buying. I had an idea of doing a camping/hiking trip and thought it would be a good opportunity to bring something from Bromwell along.

Eric generously provided me with a Frontier Frying Pan, in smaller 6 inch size. The package arrived a few days later at my door step:

A few, somewhat negative, impressions followed:

The sticker!!! Instead of using some water solvable adhesive, the stickers are done with some permanent glue and you have to scrub pretty hard with a wire sponge to get the damn thing off. Also note the sharper edges on the pan's circumference.

Second, the pan came with some rust sports on it, what bothered me was that they actually had someone's finger imprint in them; that means that someone was handling the pan with wet hands when they should have been more careful.

OK, so let's get to all the good stuff. The pan is definitely more of a camping tool than it is of a backpacking tool. To fully take advantage you want to have some butter, bread, eggs, meats with you - stuff that you wouldn't try to bring on backpacking trips which usually consist of light, dehydrated food. Busting this thing out at your campsite will make you feel like you're about to eat like a king, compared to everyone else eating their oatmeal soaked in hot water.

Make note, before you start cooking regularly with this pan -- you want to season it.  I actually seasoned it back at home on the stove with regular vegetable oil. In general I like cooking with butter, so that's what I used for this evaluation. The pan warmed up very quickly on the direct flame but the handle stayed nice and cool; there was no need to use gloves or a towel when touching the handle.

Making toast is a breeze.

Cooking an egg is a little trickier. A must is not to skimp on butter and controlling the amount of heat to the pan by either taking or keeping it on the flame.

Finished product: breakfast of real champions.

Overall, the pan performed great in the real world test, as seen from the pictures and judging by my satisfied stomach. If you're camping often, this is an absolutely necessary item, it's easy to maintain and travel with and it will definitely take your food a few notches above grilling hotdogs.

The few negative things about the pan can be fixed very simply: take the "sticker guy" and make him into a "buffer guy": 1) prevent him from adding stickers to any surface of the pan 2) buff down the sharp edges on the perimeter of the pan.  After these two simple steps, the pan will be worth its weight in gold.



  1. Don't you just love trying out sweet American made products? The quality difference is amazing. Best yet, no guilt about contributing to the multitudes of evils involved with mass consumerism of imported products from third world countries! That looks like a real man mean- enjoy your beer with breakfast!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  2. Sarah, thank you for the positive comments. Agree with everything you say.

  3. It's a bit thinner but that makes it more portable. You can easily sneak the pan in your bag and use it to cook when camping.

  4. I think your pan is an 8" pan. Thanks


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