Saturday, September 10, 2011

My lawnmower survived Hurricane Irene

Yes, my lawnmower, an all American Made Craftsman 4.5HP machine that I received for free from my next door neighbor survived the Hurricane Irene. How might you ask? Well, let me explain. Living in a city suburb with a one car garage and owning two cars and having very, very large trees on the property all came into play. In order to fit the better car into the garage in a case that a tree would fall on it, certain things needed to come out. Well, literally the only thing that needed to come out was either my commuter bike or the lawnmower. Since I got the lawnmower for free and it's used, I figured that it would come out, I'd rather have my bike than a lawnmower (I'm sure my wife would disagree). So I rolled out the lawnmower to the back yard and into some bushes, where I figured it would be safe, relatively speaking -- how safe can you be uncovered in a Hurricane?

Although the winds, thankfully, never reached the promised 80+ mph speeds, we did get solid 2 days of torrential downpour. I mean it poured and poured and then poured some more. It poured so much that my neighbors backyard got flooded. The only other time I saw it ever flood was a spring ago after massive amounts of snow would melt over a few days and we had rain the next day. If you would like to read more about the impact of Hurricane Irene on central Connecticut, please check out this post.

I thought the lawnmower was dead, and was actually looking forward to getting a new one (borrowing one from my parents :) ). So today was the trial day, two weeks after the storm. I press the cold prime button three times as directed and start yanking the start cord... nothing happens. This goes on for about a minute, it's really dead -- it must have flooded so badly that the poor guy finally died. Somehow I look in the gas tank and it's empty, so what the hell -- let's fill it up and and give it a try. Gas goes in, three more prime pumps and about 30 seconds of yanking the start cord and the thing fires up like the day it left the factory. This Craftsman is a true testament of a quality product, and if I will ever need a new lawnmower I know which brand I'm going to chose. (


  1. It's good to know that your Lawnmower survived.I really hate Hurricanes. I always pray that this kind of disaster will just pass without leaving any problems. Anyway, how big is your car garage? Maybe it needs some clean up to accommodate more useful and important things.

  2. The house is now gone, but it was a one car spot in 1927 construction, it wasn't a large space to begin with and with some shelves it barely fit a full sized car, that was if we didn't keep neither the garbage or recycle bins in there either.

  3. Too bad your house is already gone. I hope you can move on with this disaster. I know a lot of friends that experienced the hurricane as well, they just moved on in their lives.
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