Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ruwe Pencil Co.

Even if you're not a real engineer or drafter but just play one on TV, you can still appreciate a good pencil; and what's better than an American made pencil? One made in Greenwich, CT. That's right, the humble little town o millionaires, billionaires, Hedge Fund CEOs, more Ferraris per capita than Dubai - is also a manufacturing center. This specific Ruwe pencil is for drafters and allows you to make notes an corrections on polyester drafting film, but rest assured that they also make a fine selection of your run of the mill #2s.

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  1. Is there anybody out there that can help me out? My office is one of the few architects who still draft by hand. We prefer to use mylar sheets for drafting and it seems that wood pencils with plastic lead such as the RUWE noted above have become extinct. We still have some of the RUWE pencils and 3S seem to work best and we have used many others over the years. To see more info please visit Any suggestions on manufacturers or suppliers?


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