Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gojo Soap

For those that aren't aware, New England got hit pretty hard by a snow storm last weekend. Although snow storms aren't that unusual in this area, 12 inches in October while the trees are still fully leafed caused some serious destruction. So today's topic was found by pure chance. We have been without power and heat since Saturday so taking a hot shower after chopping trees and clearing up broken trees and branches became a top priority. Thankfully, at my wife's work there is a locker room with a shower and I was allowed to use it. There, was this soap dispenser with the best smelling soap ever, and what I discovered later was that it's an USA product. So check out Gojo soap next time you're out shopping for toiletries.


  1. I'm crazy about Gojo soap... but wait, what's this green stuff? The Gojo I'm thinking of is on the shelf above our utility sink. It is orangey and a bit grainy so it gets stuff like paint off of your hands. It even has a plastic nail brush attached to the side of the bottle. Thanks for the scoop about it being Made in the USA. One day when I can't think of what to write about, I will run down in my basement and snap a pic!
    Sarah from http://www.usalovelist.com

  2. Ha, there was this powdery stuff too, that once wet would lather up. This green stuff was right next to it, and I swear it had the best smell of any soap out there.


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