Thursday, January 26, 2012

Room & Board Furnishings

So you've made it, and beyond the shallow personal things, nothing makes a statement about yourself like your abode. So, when you have it all, desire the best in style and class and care that it's made in the USA, whom do you turn to? Room & Board caters to the style conscious that care deeply about the longevity and timelessness of furniture that defines your style not only for your generation but even the future legacy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Truce Designs cycling patch bag

The simple things in life are some of the best, and when it's useful then it's even better. Any cyclist knows that once you hit the road, shit is bound to happen, like blowing a tube and then blowing a tube again. Well, Truce Designs being cycling heads, bring you style, function, and proudly Hand Made in the USA all in one with this patch kit bag that fits right under your seat. Enough for a tube, tire changing pics, and a can of nitros all in an all weather design -- want more attention to detail? Even the zipper is American Made!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Duluth Pack iPad bag

I used to live on my iPhone, that thing would and still does everything for me, it's my music player, my video player on flights or even when laying in bed, it's my gps and it's the tool for writing this blog. Recently I got an iPad from my wonderful wife, and it quickly took over some of those functions from my iPhone -- specifically the larger screen realestate allows for much better experience -- I'm typing this as I'm drinking some coffee in a local joint that I just walked it. Anyways, I digress, because even if you're still trying to figure out what purpose will your iPad serve in your life, the carry choice is easy: Duluth Pack iPad bag is the the first and last in your selection, stylish, rugged and of course made in the USA. Treat yourself to one immediately.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Richard Sachs Custom Frames

If you're into cycling, then this brand needs no introduction, if you're just browsing, then know that what you're seeing is, by many, considered a true epitome of frame building. Having done this for more than a few decades, Mr. Sachs works out of his house in CT building frames directly fitted to the end customer. Prices are not cheap and by now the order list might be years long or even completely closed to new customers, but if you have a chance or means, you really will be the coolest kid on the block.

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