Saturday, January 7, 2012

Duluth Pack iPad bag

I used to live on my iPhone, that thing would and still does everything for me, it's my music player, my video player on flights or even when laying in bed, it's my gps and it's the tool for writing this blog. Recently I got an iPad from my wonderful wife, and it quickly took over some of those functions from my iPhone -- specifically the larger screen realestate allows for much better experience -- I'm typing this as I'm drinking some coffee in a local joint that I just walked it. Anyways, I digress, because even if you're still trying to figure out what purpose will your iPad serve in your life, the carry choice is easy: Duluth Pack iPad bag is the the first and last in your selection, stylish, rugged and of course made in the USA. Treat yourself to one immediately.


  1. After 130 years hand making bags in Duluth, MN it is always nice to be noticed! Thank you for the shout out. Anything else you need you can find here! Thanks!


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