Thursday, January 26, 2012

Room & Board Furnishings

So you've made it, and beyond the shallow personal things, nothing makes a statement about yourself like your abode. So, when you have it all, desire the best in style and class and care that it's made in the USA, whom do you turn to? Room & Board caters to the style conscious that care deeply about the longevity and timelessness of furniture that defines your style not only for your generation but even the future legacy.


  1. See to it that the design matches well. Have the right furnishing for the room.

  2. If our office space for rent makati looked something like this, I wouldn't let it go. I love the openness the windows create.

  3. I agree. Your choice of furniture or carpet can say so much about your personality and taste. This is the reason why I made it a point to have my hands on the job though I hired the best residential home builders to fix our place.


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