Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Osmium Brakeman Jacket

This post is not so much just relating to the jacket, but to the overall brand -- Osmium.  Osmium was created based on a great philosophy -- the stylish and comfortable articles of clothing that become part of you and your life.   Take the Brakeman Jacket for example: it is made of all natural materials, there is no polyester here, all 100% wool with cotton lining.

I'm just really impressed by this brand, their breath of product and their overall commitment to Made in USA:

All of Osmium's products are cut and sewn in the United States. We may live in a global economy, but we can still support local businesses. Our supply chain starts with small batches of the best materials in the world:buttons from Italy, shirting from Japan, virgin Merino wool from the Andes. We bring these materials to American factories, where they are expertly crafted into our signature pieces.
Whether it's a vest from Chicago, a sweater from Los Angeles, or a shirt from Fall River, MA, each of our garments has taken a unique journey en route to your door.

If you would like to learn more about Osmium and read all about their official launch at the USA Love List blog.

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