Sunday, September 22, 2013

WALLACE & BARNES Slim Selvedge Jean

I have to celebrate JCrew's recent venture into Made in USA product, the brand is really going back to its roots is laying down an effort to source product that looks great and is made in America - which makes my life very easy.  These jeans are made in New York but they're from Japanese denim though.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ball & Buck Shaving Brush

This is for the gentleman, this is for someone that appreciates time or at least can afford to waste the time.  Shaving is an art form, and not to be the mall-store cliche, it really is -- since a lot of men either are unwilling to invest the time nor the money to do it like it was done decades ago.  What is perhaps even worse, that the art of shaving has disappeared from the 'new world", both in terms of equipment but also the establishments. At least up to this point -- The good folk at Ball & Buck went back to the golden days of the product and started sourcing 100% badger hair made shaving brush that are hand produced in New York City where one craftsman does the whole job, from beginning to end.

[$60, can be found here]

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Landshark Bikes

The story of Landshark is really just a story of one man - John Slawta, and when I say "one man" it's more like one great man, a legend in the cycling world.

Not is everything built by hand in the USA, it's actually all built by just this one man. Whether you're looking for steel or carbon, he does it all himself - down to the paint job - the man does everything and touches all.

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