Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grado Labs HiFi headphones

Recently I've been on a HiFi kick- looking, researching anything that I could find that relates to the best headphones and I ended up somewhere deep, way past Bose and Beats...

The originals, since 1950s these things were owned and built by the same family out of Brooklyn NYC and to this day the tradition continues. Look at the quality of these headphones look at the construction look at the beauty you could definitely see that handcraft experience and expertise that goes into building these headphones 60 years later after the brand  has started.

So do yourself and your ears a favor and check out the best of American made in these headphones out of New York City Brooklyn


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  2. They tend to be fairly comfortable, can provide high quality audio reproduction, don't overheat ears as much as fully sealed headphones, are typically moderately priced.antique tractor pulling

  3. However, they do not typically provide the highest quality audio reproduction, can be uncomfortable over long periods of use or for those who don't like things in their ear canal, and they also have tendency to fall out during running or other physical activities.

  4. Produced by Sennheiser, a world-renowned leader in sound innovation and hi-fidelity audio devices, the Sennheiser RS-120 Wireless RF Headphones are just as good as Bluetooth headphones when it comes to sound quality and convenience. Both make use of wireless technologies that allow you to forget about wires and cables.bluetooth headphones


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